The Southeastern Conference would like to thank the University of South Carolina administration, faculty and staff, specifically the USC Local Organizing Committee, for their tireless efforts associated with the 2014 SEC Symposium.

  • Russ Pate, Director, Children’s Physical Activity Research Group [Chairperson]
  • Daheia Barr-Anderson, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  • Michael Beets, Associate Professor, Exercise Science
  • Steve Blair, Professor, Exercise Science/Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  • Ed Frongillo, Department Chair, Health, Promotion, Education and Behavior
  • Greg Hand, Associate Dean, Research and Practice
  • Jennifer O'Neill, Postdoctoral Fellow, Exercise Science
  • James Stallworth, Pediatrics, USC School of Medicine
  • Brie Turner-McGrievy, Assistant Professor, Health, Promotion, Education and Behavior
  • Sara Wilcox, Professor, Exercise Science
  • Dawn Wilson-King, Professor, Psychology

The Southeastern Conference also appreciates the input and guidance of the SEC Symposium Advisory Board.

  • John C. Higginbotham, University of Alabama
  • Rodolfo M. Nayga, Jr, University of Arkansas
  • Bonnie Sanderson, Auburn University
  • Michael Perri, University of Florida
  • Clifton Baile, University of Georgia
  • Lisa Cassis, University of Kentucky
  • Peter Katzmarzyk, Louisiana State University
  • Kathy Knight, University of Mississippi
  • Sylvia Byrd, Mississippi State University
  • Frank W. Booth, University of Missouri
  • Russ Pate, University of South Carolina
  • Hollie Raynor, University of Tennessee
  • Joe Sharkey, Texas A&M University
  • Roger Cone, Vanderbilt University